Lanthorn’s Mission

We utilize cutting edge technology to affordably and accurately report on metrics relating to density and foot traffic. Lanthorn’s suite of solutions is essential in any business that hosts people, ranging from offices and universities to restaurants, factories, and stores. Our mission is to bring insight to key stakeholders regarding space utilization, building efficiency, and occupant whereabouts. After all, a smart product is a simple product that delivers its value immediately.

Open-source Mindset was born with an open-source mindset.Our founders started Neuralet as an open-source project in Edge AI and Machine Learning in December 2019. Our goal was to build a comprehensive library of ML and AI models that can run on light-weight devices. Neuralet got immediate attention from the developer communities and Big Tech companies. We are dedicated to growing our computer vision offerings.

Our goal is to build a secure, low-cost, and scalable video analytics solution that can help businesses control their risk.

Meet the team behind Lanthorn.

Reza Khosravi


Agustin Hernandez


Maryam Salehijam

Head of GTM Strategy

Mauricio Galperin

Project Manager

Guzmán Andreatta

UI/UX Designer

Mathias Claassen

Software Developer

Renzo Gambone

Software Developer

Santiago Chabert

Software Developer

Pablo Grill

Software Developer

Thomas Wallace

Software Developer

Luca Benvenuto

Software Developer

Mohsen Hejrati

Technology Advisor

Agustina Salmanton

Software Developer

Arian A.

Data Analyst

Mikaela Marquez

UX Designer

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