Lanthorn Insight

Lanthorn Insight is a data analytics solution that reports metrics such as the number of occupants (density) and their location to display high traffic areas through the creation of risk maps and charts. 

Insight can also send custom notifications and alerts to those in charge of your operations as well as health and safety. Insight’s actionable results help decision makers understand the needs and whereabouts of occupants.

Estimating the risk of COVID-19 transmission

We identify the factors that impact your COVID-19 transmission risk and rank them based on their impact.


Factors that will not pose a health risk to occupants, but are important to track and monitor. (e.g. weak air circulation).


Factors that do not pose an immediate risk, but will put the health of occupants at risk if left unmanaged (e.g. number of COVID cases in the area).


Factors that will immediately impact occupant health and should be avoided at all cost (e.g. high occupancy rate).

More information about Lanthorn Insight

There are many health and safety guidelines for decision makers, such as area managers and health and safety managers, to follow. Lanthorn Insight enables decision makers to understand the risk associated with different social scenarios to minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission with data driven tools. 

Lanthorn Insight’s input is not limited to the data collected on the premises and data harvested by the Perception engine. All existing sources, such as data from the government or other health institutions, are also incorporated in our analysis.


How does
Lanthorn work? combines the power of AI and existing hardware infrastructures. Our solution can be modified to work in real-time by processing a USB or Camera Serial Input. can be deployed on cloud or edge infrastructure devices, such as Jetson Nano or Google Coral Dev Board, to monitor and measure different metrics.

Our software gives the end user total control over their data. was designed with a security-first software architecture in mind. Unlike other video analytics solutions, does not send video footage or analyzed data to any cloud servers or providers. Our product does not store any video footage; it only processes the video stream and harvests the analyzed data. Your data, both the raw video footage and analyzed data, will never leave your organization.

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