Lanthorn Perception

Lanthorn Perception is an AI engine that automatically detects people’s location. Perception uses existing monitoring cameras to gather data, which it stores for further analysis and modeling. Perception is part of Lanthorn’s suite of solutions and acts primarily as a data harvester. 

Our team at Lanthorn created Perception with your security in mind. Perception relies on our open source algorithm and stores the data it gathers on-site using edge computing. 

The benefits of our solution

Accuracy and Reliability

AI video analytics generate the most accurate results when it comes to measuring our physical distance and the use of face masks. Our solution is more accurate than the current solutions which use Bluetooth and heat cameras.

Cost Effective and Scalable

Lanthorn Perception does not require a new hardware infrastructure and can utilize existing equipment; this will significantly reduce deployment costs and increase scalability.

Privacy and Security

Lanthorn Perception can run on edge devices, existing local server infrastructure, or the cloud. Perception can be air-gapped, which gives you complete control over your data. We give you the power to decide the level of privacy and security of your data.

Lanthorn Perception Has the Ability to...

Detect Density & Occupancy

This is how can keep track occupancy (density) and foot traffic.

Calculate the distance

We monitor the distance between individuals in your environment. We aggregate that information along with time and location.

Recognize face masks

Lanthorn can identify the rate of face mask utilization by occupants in your environment.

Lanthorn was designed with a security first software architecture in mind. Unlike other video analytic solutions, Lanthorn does not send the video footage or the final results to any cloud servers or providers. Our product does not store any video footage. It only processes the video stream and harvests the analyzed data.  Your data (both the raw video footage and analyzed data) will never leave your organization. Analytics dashboard will only be accessible from within your organization. 

Let’s get technical about Lanthorn

Perception is a computer vision AI engine that can seamlessly run computer vision models on edge devices or cloud infrastructures.

Perception allows fine tuning, which means that the model adopts with the environment it is operating in to generate better results over time.

Perception utilizes cutting edge ML technologies such as:

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