is based in San Francisco, California, but our team is quite international with operations in Montevideo, Barcelona, Hawaii, and New York. That is why we are focused on spreading our mission and vision in both English and Spanish. Our co-founder and Head of Product, Agustín Hernandez recently spoke to a Spanish language podcast Data Latam. Data Latam is a Latin American community of professionals and academics applying data science in their day-to-day. 

Episode 54

In episode 54 (37:36 min) of the Data Latam podcast, Agustín talks about how brings the best of data processing to the 'edge' to solve Covid related economic reopening problems.’s collaborative, open source project enables video processing to enable businesses and workplaces to determine appropriate people densities and generate alerts for decision making. In addition to being able to validate the use of masks, gives alerts according to occupation and analysis for the proper use of workspaces and commercial surfaces.

Edge vs. Cloud

During the episode, Data Latam and Agustín were able to talk about the pros and cons of processing at the edge or in the cloud. Depending on the type of applications and the need for a real-time response (lower latency), as well as when privacy and data security aspects are of high relevance, processing at the edge becomes meaningful. Data Latam further found it interesting to see that currently there is low-cost hardware (NVIDIA Jetson, Coral, etc.) that allows this type of architecture and solutions. Architecture

Data Latam and Agustín also talked about the R&D behind as well as its architecture, the languages ​​it uses, and the data engines for processing. Data Latam sees that "computer vision" is no longer a futurist idea and is here, with many capacities for distributed processing and adequate hardware to dream high-value solutions.

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