Our mission at Lanthorn.ai is to use Artificial Intelligence to help in the fight against Covid-19. Lanthorn.ai can detect masks, social distancing, and occupancy. These detections are then analyzed and presented on the Lanthorn.ai dashboard, which can send alerts when Covid-19 risk needs addressing. The expertise of the team at Lanthorn.ai in machine learning, computer vision, and edge AI has facilitated the creation of a solution that can work with existing cameras using affordable edge technology such as the Jetson Nano or Google Coral. In addition to making our solution cost-effective in terms of hardware needs, we launched a free subscription model for up to 5 cameras.

Today, we are expanding our contribution to the fight against Covid-19 by also offering free support hours. These hours can be used by businesses or developers to discuss how Lanthorn.ai can be deployed, troubleshooting, navigating through our dashboard, as well as any other technical issues/questions.

Our free support hours are from 7:00 AM to 11:00 AM PST from Tuesday to Friday with the exception of national holidays.

To access our support visit our slack channel.

You can also make Zoom appointments by emailing support@lanthorn.ai 

For more information on Lanthorn.ai, email us at sales@lanthorn.ai 

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