New Dashboard

We are excited to release our new dashboard. The new dashboard highlights occupancy, introduces areas, and provides more robust face mask metrics. The new design is based on extensive market interviews with property technology experts, real estate leaders, property managers, and workplace experts.


Occupancy Analytics

It is essential for a business to know how many people are in and around its premises at a given time. accurately reports on occupancy with the help of computer vision. By relying on our dashboard, a business can reach never seen before efficiency. This is because understanding the flow of people can better inform maintenance and provide for an enhanced occupant experience. 


View Aggregated Area Analytics

In spaces where multiple cameras are monitoring the same area, such as a lobby or a gym, our dashboard is designed to consolidate data that multiple cameras are picking up into one report. This enhances user experience as it eliminates the need to view multiple camera reports to understand the behavior in an area. 

Robust face mask metrics

Avoid Risk by Tracking Safety

The new dashboard is also more intuitive by breaking down how many people have a face mask on, how many do not, and how many times it was impossible to detect a mask due to a person’s posture in the frame.

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