A high temperature is only one symptom of Covid-19.  According to the CDC, Covid-19 positive individuals do not always experience fever and if they do, the fever does not last the entirety of the period during which they are infectious. The WHO has also explicitly stated that “temperature screening alone, at exit or entry, is not an effective way to stop spread, since infected individuals may be in incubation period, may not express apparent symptoms early on in the course of the disease, or may dissimulate fever through the use of antipyretics.”

Flu Season

Another issue with relying on temperature check is that flu season is around the corner, which means that there will be individuals with high temperatures who are not infected by the coronavirus. 

Inaccuracy of Thermal Cameras

Added to this flawed strategy is the fact that thermal cameras are not very accurate nor effective.  For cameras to be effective, they must take into account ambient temperature. Otherwise, the BBC reports that we face the risk of feeling a false sense of security.  According to studies, Thermal cameras have an accuracy of +/- 4 degrees Fahrenheit (+/- 2 degrees Celsius), which is concerning, as such a wide variance can result in false fever detection. 


The next issue with thermal cameras is the price. A quick google search of cameras that do not require handholding results in cameras that are thousands of dollars. In a time where businesses are already suffering, the cost of Covid-19 prevention is starting to be as crippling as the economic impact of the virus. 

Inefficiency of Thermal Cameras

Having already covered effectiveness and price, the next problem with thermal cameras is the fact that they do nothing to detect risky behavior of asymptomatic people. That is a huge risk to any business that is trying to reopen safely. The CDC and the WHO have both announced that asymptomatic individuals are an alarming source of Covid-19 transmission.  

Alternatives to Thermal Cameras

In order to reopen safely and mitigate the risk of Covid-19 transmission, businesses need to have a comprehensive plan that relies on data-based decision making. The goal at Lanthorn.ai is to provide businesses with true insights regarding high-risk areas and hours in their business. 

By utilizing video analytics software that works on existing surveillance cameras, such as CCTVs and IP cameras, businesses can ensure compliance with safety requirements without having to invest in the manpower currently needed to have oversight. Lanthorn.ai is designed to detect key Covid-19 risk factors such as mask usage, social distancing, and occupancy. 

For more information on how video analytics can help in predicting and mitigating Covid-19 contact us at sales@lanthorn.ai 

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